The Bucket List Challenge


⭐ Hitchhiking

✩ By horse

⭐ By bike around a country

✩ Follow a river on a kayak

✩ Stay a week in a hot air balloon

✩ Sailing boat

✩ By van


⭐ Volunteer

✩ Nomad work

⭐ Blogging

✩ Get a travel job

✩ Install a wind turbine

✩ Create my company

✩ Crew of Adventure cameraman


✩ Accordion

✩ Guitare while singing

✩ Harmonica

✩ Piano

✩ Blow pipes

⭐ Ocarina

✩ Be part of a band

✩ Tuvan Throat Singing

Become skilled in
Become skilled in

⭐ Rafting

⭐ Skiing & Snoawboard

⭐ Archery

✩ Personal trainer

✩ Hunting / survival

✩ Blacksmith

✩ Climbing

Martial arts
Martial arts

✩ Self defense


✩ Tai Chi

✩ Krav Maga

✩ Sword fight

✩ Artistic sword fighting

✩ Capoeira

✩ Parkour

Physical Challenges
Physical Challenges

✩ Run a marathon

✩ Run a triathlon

✩ Climb a mountain

✩ Practice of the Wim Hof method

✩ Fast for 3 days

✩ Compete in Koh Lanta

Improve prestance
Improve my prestance

✩ Speak in public

✩ Impro theater

⭐ Act in front of the camera

⭐ Lead people

✩ Give a TED talk

Circus tricks
Circus tricks

✩ Breath fire

✩ Juggle 5 balls

✩ Hat manipulation

⭐ Hand walking

✩ Learn to back flips

⭐ Walk on a slack line

✩ Learn Magic


⭐ Salsa in spain

✩ Irish step dancing in Ireland

✩ Tango in Argentina

✩ Samba in Brazil

✩ Baladi dancing in Egypt

✩ Integrate a flashmob

Get a license

✩ Ship

✩ Helicopter

✩ Hot air Ballon

✩ Water sport instructor

✩ Climbing instructor

⭐ First Aid Diploma

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the right path

I have decided to live the adventure of a lifetime. 

My Adventures

The president's trip

Objectif: 300 years ago, my ancestor roamed through Italia, and wrote a book. His name was...Charles de Brosses. Now it is my turn

3 month of Rafting

Objectif: Comming for the summer season of 2019, I am due to become a renown skipper on the Neretva River (Bosnia Herzegovina)

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